Industrial Mechanical Contractors
Specializing in the Food and Beverage Industries

Industrial Mechanical Contractors
Specializing in the Food and Beverage Industries

Hazleton, PA  | Dallas, TX | Bakersfield, CA
Montreal, QC | Playa Del Carmen, MX

Hazleton, PA: 1-570-454-7162
Bakersfield, CA: 1-661-322-8934
Montreal, QC: 1-866-454-7162

Going up! Hazleton city hall elevator renovated and running

The city of Hazleton renovated a city hall elevator that had not worked for about a year.

A near total replacement of the elevator and its mechanical components wrapped up in April, when the city reopened an elevator system that features LED displays, improved lighting and safety features, as well as an upgraded cab and a hydraulic control system.

Read full article here: http://m.standardspeaker.com/news/going-up-hazleton-city-hall-elevator-renovated-and-running-1.1889315


New Customers

Another year has brought along some new quality customers. Signature Springs, Penford Chemical, Alloutte Cheese, Vita-line, Big Heart Pet Foods, and Sterling Foods just to name a few.


Walmart Contractor

Gottstein Corporation is proud to announce that we are a Walmart Contractor. This is not achieved by many. We are currently working on projects within food process areas nationally.


New Facility

Gottstein Corporation is moving along with the Bimbo High Speed Bakery in Allentown PA. We are installing equipment at record speed. Our crews have been working hard and are excited to see all of their hard work being appreciated!


Still Growing!

2013 has been an extremely busy year for Gottstein Corporation. We have expanded our workforce in our neverending quest to grow the company. We have added the following postions within our company:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Estimating Department Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Information Technology Coordinator 

 We look forward to continued growth and success in the future.


Gottstein Corporation Projects

Gottstein Corporation has been doing our normal routine of adding, changing and modifying process through packaging systems for all our great customers worldwide.

Gottstein Corporation is involved with many projects across the country. We are currently working PA, MD, IN, GA, and CA.

 The following is a small sample of our current project load:

  • Installation of all equipment, piping, etc. at a brand new facility for a premier player in the baking industry.
  • Renovations to a municipal airport terminal.
  • Outside containment system at a chemical facility.
  • Reinforced concrete machine pads.
  • Capstan railcar pulling system.
  • Icing conveyor system.
  • Perfume tank modifications.
  • Maintenance and Millwright assistance at multiple locations throughout the country.